Specializing in business and technology consulting services, B2B SOLUTIONS FOR U is well-suited for creating successful dynamic strategies and long-term plans. Our goal is to provide you with solutions and support that ensure added value to your company, your efforts, and your customers.

Whether you want to increase your company's visibility, build and implement a new marketing plan, or streamline production efforts, you'll find our consultants and team the perfect fit for your goals.




No matter which package you choose, we provide you with a 100% money-back guarantee! This means, if your loan is declined by any bank or financial institution because of our business plan, we will refund you 100% AND make the necessary changes to get you your loan! Why do we provide this guarantee? Simple: we stand behind our product. Call B2B Solutions today to find out more about our Guarantee!





For ONLY $899.99, you can have a professional team of business plan writers marketing specialists, and industry analysts create a comprehensive and affordable business plan for you to obtain the funding you need! Why risk losing the funding you need by purchasing a business plan software and spending countless hours writing the plan yourself, when you can instead have a professional team build your plan for you. Don't waste your time or money, Call now!


We can create a non-profit business plan for you within 7 to 10 business days. This means if you call us today, you can have your business plan in your hands within two weeks! Still not fast enough? We even offer expedited services for an additional 10% of your package price, and you can have your plan delivered to you within 5 business days. Please tell your business consultant if you need this in advance so we can accommodate any urgent deadlines you may have.





Why B2B Solutions?

We have helped hundreds obtain the funding they need

B2B solutions extensive client list spans more than 500 small and mid-sized businesses to large corporations with more than 98% satisfaction rate. The diverse expertise of our staff has enabled us to develop workable plans within a number of industries. While the Internet is full of business plan samples, business plans that are truly effective require a personalized approach. Whether you need a catering business plan or a web development business plan, we will develop the business plan for you: a unique, effective plan that addresses marketing and sales, organizational structure, management and personnel, and revenue. We understand that compiling a marketing or promotional plan for a hotel requires a different approach to strategy and implementation than an e-commerce plan. That’s why we shape the marketing plan of your business by conducting an in-depth consultation to determine your market, identify opportunities, and analyze your business’s strengths and weaknesses. Once we have a clear idea of your goal, we'll start crafting a business plan—whether it’s nonprofit, hospitality, e-commerce, medical, or any other industry. We’ll outline your mission and objectives and provide an analytical, compelling blueprint for prospective investors and financial institutions. The following is only a partial list of some of the industries that have benefited from our approach to the personal business plan:












Startup businesses

If you want to achieve your dream of becoming a successful business owner, you can't do it without a solid, comprehensive startup business plan. After all, your dream can turn into a reality only if you can get investors or banks to buy into it.

The team of experts at B2B Solutions understands what investors are looking for in a startup business plan. We’ll create a custom business plan that answers all of their questions and helps you secure funding, by listing your goals and providing detailed financials and forecasts—both immediate and long-term. B2B Solutions has the experience and proven track record of assisting thousands of startup businesses throughout the country to obtain funding. With business plans starting at only $899.99, we can help any startup business with a professionally prepared business plan, which will include all the research and analysis banks require. In fact, B2B Solutions works with many financial institutions as well as nonprofit organizations throughout the country to ensure business plans are up to date and meet their requirements. By only spending $899.99, you receive a professionally prepared business plan with a Money Back Guarantee. With our money-back guarantee combined with our strong reputation, we have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs plan and execute successfully with our affordable business plans. As we assist hundreds of entrepreneurs and future business owners, we have heard everything in this industry. Don’t be fooled by our competitors, there is absolutely NO REASON to pay $10,000 for a business plan regardless of the industry/business or amount of funding required to start the business.



Continue to Grow!

If you've got a business that's running smoothly and you want to expand, you still need a business plan.  In fact, an expanding business has plenty of questions to answer, in order to prove that it can grow and still maintain its current success! B2B Solutions doesn’t only create a business plan for you to obtain the funding you need; we create a blueprint for your business to continue succeeding and growing within its respective industry. With over a dozen professional business plan writers, we have the education and experience to create a comprehensive business plan for any existing business.

The team of experts at B2B Solutions knows what an expanding business needs to plan for in order to succeed. All existing business plans will reflect past performance combined with industry analysis to determine future projections, and this process will also identify the potential in the market. We can help create a custom business plan that investors and new partners won't be able to pass up! We've assisted hundreds of existing businesses grow, and our plans may introduce you to new ideas or areas of improvement to increase profitability.



If you are trying to start up a nonprofit business, then you probably know how competitive the process is for securing all of the funding!  At B2B Solutions, we have experience in the nonprofit sector, and we are well-versed in all of the federal financial opportunities for non-profit businesses.  We know that you can't apply for grant funding without a nonprofit business plan that includes a full breakdown of financial projections and industry analysis. That is why all of our business plans are in accordance with SBA and government grant guidelines.

Regardless of the economic downturn, the government has still remained generous with the nonprofit sector. With funding at an all-time high, the entire country’s focus is on startup businesses. That is why B2B Solutions continues to provide its services with a quick turn-around time of 7 to 10 business days.

Any of our business plan packages, starting at $899.99, will have the research and analysis required by most financial institutions for nonprofit businesses. We strive to become the leading business plan production firm in the country, which is why we regularly meet with representatives of the SBA and major banks across the country to stay current in the funding process and requirements.



Thinking of starting up a franchise? Even if you're going to be working with one of the most successful franchises around, you will still need to show investors that you have a plan to make your particular franchise a successful one.
How can we help you?

The team of experts at B2B Solutions has experience with creating franchise business plans. We know that even the most successful product needs a solidly-managed franchise around it. That is why so many franchise owners have contacted B2B Solutions for their business plans.

We have created hundreds of business plans for franchises all across the country. We are familiar with the startup and monthly costs, not only do we provide affordable business plan writing services we also possess the experience to get you the funding you need.

 We'll create a custom franchise business plan that gets results!